If you do business in Europe, you need a company with a EU-Vat-number registered in the European VIES register – through us you get your European company with VIES registration in less than 2 weeks!

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You do business with European companies, or you are in the import / export business, then you have to register your companies VAT number in the European VIES registry, which offer many advantages, and converts your company to a tax agent, responsible to manage the payment of the VAT. Only with a EU-VAT number, your company is able to refund paid VAT from other European companies or when you import goods into Europe. Beside the advantages, that based on a VIES registration, you are allowed, to get a refund of all paid VAT, the tax office offers you the advantage, that you don’t have to pay the VAT at the moment you buy the products – you pay the products without VAT, and then in the next VAT declaration, you have to include this VAT, and depending on the difference between the VAT you paid and received, you pay VAT or get refund.
And besides in Spain, in many other countries, it is very difficult, to obtain a VIES registration of your companies VAT number – for this reason, we did elaborate an alternative way in where you will obtain a new company with a EU-VAT-number in less than 2 weeks.

Once we register your new company and we handle you over your VAT-Number Certificate, you are able to buy products and services in European countries without paying the VAT – you only have to communicate to your business partner or to the customs, your VAT-Number, and then they will sell you the products without VAT. Afterwards, you have to include this VAT in to the next VAT declaration. In order to guarantee, that you will fill all tax declaration in time, we ask you to send us every month all invoices, and we will prepare and file all tax declarations.
In our fee of 3.900 Euros, we include also the bookkeeping and accounting service for the first year.

If you want to have as soon as possible your European company with VAT number, you can call us at +34 693779209

You can visit also our EU-VAT number informational webpage: www.eu-wat.info or www.vat-number.net


You can contact us by telephone during office hours from 9:00 till 20:00 at
+34 693779209  or fax: +34 966808832

You can also reach us under our UK phone number: +44 305 4241446

You also can visit us in our office in the Spanish city Benidorm:

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